Braid Hairstyle Trends - 2009 Spring Fashion

2009 spring hairstyle for women- braids
2009 spring hairstyle for women- braidBraids have been spotted on the heads of the hottest celebs. From casual outings to red carpet events, this hairstyle has become a hot trend. Alicia Keys’ single braid across her hairline took the place of a headband.

Fashion braids hairstyles
Fashion braids hairstyles
Celebrity braids hairstyle
Celebrity braids hairstyle
Beautiful braids
Beautiful braids

2009 Spring Asian Haircuts Fashion Trends

Kim Jung-hwa is a South Korean actress and model.She was a model in Dream Factory modelling agency from year 2002 to year 2005 and present she is modeling in Sidus HQ modeling agency.

Trendy Asian Short Hairstyles 2009
Asian Short Hairstyle Pictures 2009

Kate Bosworth Hairstyles for Round Faces

Your goal is to minimize the roundness of your face as much as possible. Kate Bosworth shows off a great cut for round faces here. And here are some hairstyles she ever weared.

Kate Bosworth
Celebrity Kate Bosworth hairstyles

Catherine Ann "Kate" Bosworth is an American actress. She made her screen debut in Robert Redford's 1998 film The Horse Whisperer. Bosworth starred in the television series Young Americans, in which she played Bella Banks, though the series was not picked up for another season. She became well known with a leading role in 2002's Blue Crush. The following year, Bosworth played the teenage girlfriend of porn star John Holmes in Wonderland opposite Val Kilmer.
celebrity long blonde curly hairstyle for round face
celebrity long blonde curly hairstyle for round face
short sleek blonde hairstyle for round face
short sleek blonde hairstyle for round face
long sleek hairstyle for round facel
long sleek hairstyle for round face
Celebrity prom hairstyle for round face

2009 Curly Hair Styles for Medium Short Hair

This year, curls have made a welcome return to the red carpet, whether it's a twist on the scrunch-dried curls worn in the '80s and popularized by Sarah Jessica Parker or the tousled natural spirals worn by Nicole Kidman.Curls always stay in fashion and exude femininity and sex appeal.Consider your face shape when it comes to curling your hair. Tight ringlets look great on women with oval or oblong-shaped faces, while looser curls complement rounder faces.

2009 Curly Hair Styles for Medium Short Hair

2009 Curly Hair Styles for Medium Short Hair

Asian Celebrity Curly Hairstyles for Short Hair

Fashion New curly Asian celebrity hairstyle
 celebrity curly hairstyle 2009
hot celebrity hairstyle 2009
Fashion New curly Asian celebrity hairstyle
celebrity new black curly hairstyle 2009
 Asian curly celebrity hairstyle 2009
celebrity updos
Fashion New curly Asian celebrity hairstyle 2009

Short Boyish Haircuts for Girls

Short Boyish Haircuts for Girls
Short Boyish Haircuts for women
Short Boyish Hairstyles for Girls
Short Boyish Hairstyles for women
Short Boyish Haircuts for Girls 2009

Ultra Feminine Fringe Hairstyles For women

Ultra-feminine short style with a heavy, full fringe and subtle volume. The sides are tucked neatly behind the ears.Wear it curly and messy or straight and tame. Try a short and choppy bang, a long sexy peek-a-boo, or go wild with an asymmetrical bang and accent with a touch of color.Bangs can transform your looks, but the trick is to choose a hairstyle and bangs that can minimize your flaws and maximize your assets.

2009 fringe hairstyles -winter long hairstyle
fringe hair styles

long hairstyles with side swept bangs
fringe hairstylesIf your nose is too small, try wispy bangs. If your nose is too large, go for soft and fluffy bangs.
Angled layers can be cut to accent a feature they point to, like the cheek bone. Or instead, cut and styled to draw attention away from say, a prominent nose.

Side swept bangs help a wide face look narrow; while straight bangs make a thin face look wider. Blunt cut bangs sharpen facial features, layered curly bangs soften them.

Here is a gallery of fringe hairstyles
fringe hairstyles
Cheryl Cole Fringe Hairstyle
fringe hairstyles
2008 Winter fringe hairstyle ideas
Winter fringe  hairstyle ideas
full fringe hairstyles for long hair
fringe hairstyles

Nicole Richie Shoulder Length Medium Haircuts

Nicole Richie takes red pumps to a whole new level with this fabulous look. Matching the purse to the dress makes the shoes jump. Absolutely perfect.This time, she wears shoulder length blonde haircut.
nicole richie shoulder length blonde haircuts
Nicole Richie - 14th Annual Race to Erase MS Themed "Dance to Erase MS"
Nicole Richie short haircuts
Nicole Richie short haircuts

Nicole Richie pictures
Celebrity Nicole Richie's long blonde haircuts
Celebrity Nicole Richie's long blonde haircuts
This long blonde hair style of Nicole Richie is awesome! Pretty beautiful!
Celebrity Nicole Richie's long blonde haircuts
This style of Nicole Richie is when she have had a baby girl
Celebrity Nicole Richie

Charlize Theron's Hollywood Glam Hairstyles 2009

Charlize Theron who starred in several hit films has become one of the female celebrities whose style has influenced millions of young women worldwide.Charlize knows that simplicity and drama are the key to beautiful Hollywood hair.One thing noticeable about Charlize Theron is that her hairstyles have undergone quite a revolution since she started her acting career.

A sleek,sculpted Bob accentuates Charlize's beautiful features

Only someone with perfect features could get away with such a short crop

Charlize's scene-stealing beauty has never been more apparent than with this confident sleeked-back style

Best-tressed Charlize shines in a dark hairstyle that's full of vintage Hollywood glam

Emo Makeup Trends Winter 2008-2009 Spring

The best way to finish off your emo style is with some trendy emo makeup. Both guys and girls can wear makeup as part of their emo look. However, emo youths do not wear the same makeup fashions as many other people. Instead, they have their own way of using makeup to compliment their unique, expressive style. Since the eyes are often considered the most expressive part of the body, it is this feature that emo makeup seeks to emphasize most.

Emo Makeup Tips - Fall Winter 2008 - 2009

Therefore, both genders often use thick, dark eyeliner around both the upper and lower edge of their eyes. Sometimes, this dark shade is complimented with a second band of a bold, bright color. Many people also use their eyeliner to add “wings” sweeping out from the outer corner of each eye.

Mascara also helps draw attention to the eyes, and thick, dark lashes are part of the emo look. The prominence of the eyes is completed by adding a bright eye shadow. This is often offset by a smoky gray section of eye shadow along the top or side of the lids.

Emo Makeup Tips - Eyeliner for Fall Winter 2008 - 2009

As for the rest of the face, emo youths do not generally seek to emphasize the cheeks with bronzer or blush. A paler colored flesh is preferred. However, the lips are often colored with a deep shade of lipstick or lip gloss.

Spring 2009 Hair Fashion Trends

Short hair is often referred to as the hair that is easiest to maintain. This statement could not be farther from the truth. Short hair requires more frequent cuts and often better care in order to keep the small amount of hair you have, in great shape. That does not mean that short hair is not very popular right now.

Spring 2009 Hair Fashion Trends

Many people who choose short hair actually go into the salon telling the stylist not to cut the lengths the same. This edgy new technique brings a bit of the wild side out in those who choose to go crazy with fine layers.Short hair does not have to be tame all the time. The right cut with just the right amount of layers, can serve a dual purpose. Day time sleek and night time fun, short hair is all about being who you are when you want people to see you.

Spring 2009 Hair Fashion Trends

Spring 2009 Emo Girl Hairstyles

This time Emo hairstyles will present some great emo girl hairstyles. We'll present emo hairs in various color and lenght combinations. Hope you'll like this emo hairstyles!

Spring 2009 Blonde Emo Hairstyle

Sexy Emo Hairstyles 2009

Some Crazy Emo Hair:

Nice Emo Hairstyle
Cute Emo Hairstyle