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I've finally bought the September issue of Vogue US, so no blogging today as am reading and savouring beautiful pages and images.



Fall 2009 Hairstyles Trends - Jessica Stroup Short Hair

Jessica Stroup still looks beautiful even after cutting her long locks with her short hairstyle that fits her heart-shaped face. Jessica Stroup short hair style opens her facial area up and soften the cheeks with soft layers. This hairstyle is a really good selection of her hair stylist for fall 2009 hair trends from her side, look at how the end of her hair move with ease and great texture with fine finishing touch.

Fall 2009 Hairstyles Trends - Jessica Stroup Short Hair
jessica stroup at melrose place premiere party
Fall 2009 Hairstyles Trends - Jessica Stroup Short Haircuts
jessica stroup at melrose place premiere party

Child Care

The last couple of days were spent on polishing my course paper on childs' nutrition. It was interesting, of course, but did take a lot of time and was mentally and emotionally challenging since I had to compress a massive knowledge base into a given 1500 word limit. It also gave me an inspiration for this post, which, I hope, you will also like. Today we are talking children in vogue... And yes, I did include a photo of pregnant Natalia Vodianova. Enjoy!

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Short Medium Curly Hairstyles for Prom

Taylor Swift wore a beautiful medium curly hairstyle in platinum blonde hair color shade while attending a photoshoot in London. Taylor Swift rocks the beautiful long locks and soft curls like no other!

Short Medium Curly Hairstyles for Prom 2009

Taylor Swift's lovely long hairstyle

It is highly suggested for you to go to your nearest quality salon to get an estimate on your hair, print out a photo to show them exactly what type of curls you are trying to achieve! If price is a issue at all for you with today’s economy, try seeking out a local beauty school, they often offer services for 50 to 75% off of what you would get at a regular salon! Check out our Curly Hairstyles section for dozens of ideas on wavy hair!

2009 Short Medium Curly Hairstyles for Prom

Wavy Medium Length Hairstyles for Prom

short black curly hairstyles for girls

Celebrity Short Curly Bob Hairstyles

Short Pixie Bob Haircuts for 2010 Winter

Bob hairstyle is a timeless classic hairpiece and have been worn by men and women alike throughout the years. While it is true to some extent that the bob is more masculine, recent modifications to it have made it appeal more to modern and stylish women.

Winter 2010 bob haircuts for women
Short Pixie Bob Haircuts for 2010 Winter
The sharp lines that are often associated with a classic bob makes this a very appealing bob hairstyle for the modern lady. It requires little care and maintenance. All that is really needed to maintain the classic bob is a brush or comb to keep it in shape.

Rihanna bob haircuts 2010
Short Pixie Bob haircuts for 2010

The bob is one of the most versatile haircuts. It can suit almost any face shape and hair-length and can be worn for any occasion. The jaw-length bob which is neither long nor short is a most popular bob hairstyle. It is perfect if you are unsure of keeping the style and if you intend on growing your hair again. It is most suitable for those who are in transition from long hair to short. Go for a mid-length bob hairstyle if you are unsure a short bob hairstyle would be suitable for you.

Latest Trendy Bob Hairstyles 2010
Amazing Bob Hairstyle

Trendy Short Bob Hairstyles for Women

There are many different kinds of bob hairstyles from which to choose, and a bob length should be chosen based on the length and shape of a person’s face. In addition, bob hairstyles can be evenly cut or cut at an angle.

Trendy Short Bob Hairstyles for Women
Fall 2009 Short Bob Hairstyles for Women
2009 Winter Short Bob Hairstyles for Women
Short Bob Hair Styles for Older Women
Hair bangs can be added to a bob hairstyle, which can look cute on some people. With all of these options to consider, it’s a good idea to flip through magazines and find bob hairstyles pictures you like and take those pictures to a hair stylist for their opinion on whether or not that bob haircut will be a flattering cut.

Short Inverted Bob Hairstyles -Katie Holmes Bob Cut

Katie Holmes is one of the most popular celebrities who are famous for their hairstyle fashion trends and her haircut styles are always a big sensation among the women. This inverted bob hairstyle might just suit you as you can see it looks great on Katie Holmes.

Short Inverted Bob Hairstyles for 2009
The conventional bob haircut its versatility, chic look and easy maintenance, it will always be a firm favorite among many women who seek a new breath of life to the existing haircuts. The Inverted Bob Hairstyle is also referred to as the wedged, concave or stacked bob.

Short Inverted Bob Hairstyles -Katie Holmes Bob Cut

Winter 2010 Hairstyles Fashion Trends

Winter brings lots of new trends to try out. For one, bold bangs are definitely in style this season. More and more women will be sporting thick, straight, blunt bangs. However, the side swept look remains a popular, modern style.

Rihanna Hairstyles for Winter 2010
Winter 2010 Haircuts Trends for women
Hairstyles for Winter 2009

Short hair is definitely in style this season and two of the hottest short looks for winter 2008 are the inverted bob and the shaggy pixie. Going short is a great way to makeover your style for the new season and the upcoming new year. Most women find short locks accentuate facial features while making them appear more youthful.

Winter 2010 Hairstyles Fashion Trends

Some of the best longer looks feature full waves with lots of long layers. Voluminous locks with lively texture are both playful and sexy. Plus, it means less time spent fighting with a straightening iron. Finally, when it comes to color, intensified natural shades are the most sought after tones. This means taking a color like blonde, brunette, or red and adding highlights, lowlights, and shine enhancers to make the shade bolder and shinier.

Winter 2010 hairstyles trends for women

Fashion quote

"What is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it."

-Yves Saint Laurent

Fall Haircuts 2009- Celebrity Hairstyle Makeover

The celebrity haircuts you see worn today cover the full range of star power to set a trend and have millions of women following them. But many of the celebrities are following trendsetters themselves, to achieve their all out glamorous looks. There are many movie stars who grew up watching Marilyn Monroe and Dorothy Dandridge that used their style as their starting point in the clothes and hairstyles they chose to wear.

Fall Hairstyles 2009- Celebrity Hairstyle Makeover

Fall Hairstyles 2009- Celebrity Hairstyle Makeover

Inspiration for celebrity hair fashion comes from many sources, the past as well as the present. As soon as a woman becomes prominent in the public eye, you can be sure that someone somewhere will want to look like her.

Celebrity Hairstyles Trends Fall 2009

Fall Haircuts 2009- Celebrity Hairstyle Trends

When you think about it, it’s really amazing the amount of attention that is given to the hairstyles of the women we admire. Celebrities are very aware that they have the power to influence with their style- they continue to surprise and delight fans with their changes in color or design.

Jennie Garth Short Haircuts 2009 Fall Haircuts

As many of the popular celebrities change their style to follow the fashion trends, it’s clear to see the impact of film legends on the hairstyles of today. Elizabeth Taylor’s hairstyle choice early in her film career is a classic example of the enduring charm of the classic bob that has been reinvented several times, most recently as the “posh” bob by Victoria Beckham.

Wavy Celebrity Hairstyles Trends - Fall Hair 2009

Medium Length Hairstyles Trends - Fall Hair 2009

Not every one of the celebrity haircuts become classics, but having the invention of a hairstyle to your credit is a beautiful way to be remembered.