On-line fashion

It's nice to wear couture, it's wonderful to wear designer clothes, it's even better to be able to afford all those luxuries without thinking about having enough money left over to pay the bills. Dreams, dreams, dreams... So it's kind of nice to discover a website that sells some of the treasures for less. Theoutnet.com is a baby website that appeared in the www only a couple of months ago. It's young, but it has a mighty fashion power so addictive, attractive and tempting that leaves you no chances of ignoring it. It's a part of Net-a-porter group created for those who like fashion but cannot exactly splash on a designer item without reaching for a credit card, and then - blood pressure medicine. Here you can find last season items that cost 30-80% less, you can subscribe to pop-up sales, giveaways and going-going sales to get your bargains. There is also a "dress me" option, where you can find several sections including Wear this forever, Working wardrobe, Vacation planner or Chic essentials and many more. Very useful. And yes, some prices are still in four digit numbers, and some in three-digits are also quite high, but don't be put off by it. After all, you are a girl on a bargain hunt and unless you browse everything you will never find something very special to you and, yes, make some of your fashion dreams affordable. Plus never forget about "cost per wear" rule. Even if something is a bit pricey, but you know you will be wearing it a lot, then CPW becomes quite low. So be brave (but not insane, as it's the money we are talking about and I wouldn't want anyone to be careless when it comes to their finances), be picky, fall in love, learn to survive heart breaks (size options and quantities are limited) and never stop dreaming because trust me, when it comes to fashion bargains, some dreams certainly come true.

Summer Fashion 2009

Summer Fashion 2009

As we have said in previous notes, “retro” or antique style is still “in” and every time, now the 70s also joined this summer 2009.

You must have in your closet, clothes stamped with flowers, much color, and pants with it entirely elephant foot (like oxford but a little less aperture).

The hippie style, peace and love is here again, a little more modern, with some ethnic details. The elephant leg pants, blouses, printed tunics with details of stones, fringed vests, jean shorts, long fringed skirt and trousers with a batik effect. Also, dresses with prints or crochet.

The key are the accessories: well wide-brimmed hats the best style Bianca Jagger, mix with necklaces, giant bracelets, portfolios type belt, scarves. The tip: To keep this look, we have to feel identified with it and after the 30 should not abuse this trend.

The prints are the stars of the summer. Use the flowers, butterflies and the Bulgarians. Also an African art and paintings inspired by the animal print is already a commodity. Any of these prints is dressed in shorts, maxis or short skirt or type evasée with tables, pijama pants type, shirts with short sleeves and detail of flights, shorts or wide waist high and trenches. The accessories of the summer are also 09 prints: handbags, shoes, hats and scarves. It is often combined with one another: flowers with butterflies or flowers and animal print. For more classic mix the voucher prints with smooth options. The tip: keep accessories in the same range as the pattern and not to abuse the mixtures.
Another trend that stands out in the summer is the 09 prints inspired by the jungle, where imposing the colors green, brown, yellow and black. The same applies for this look: shorts linen jackets and coats, the best style Saint-Laurent. As a last detail: necklaces and bracelets made of wood or with ethnic details. The tip: It is preferred to combine these prints with smooth garments.

This summer the ultra Shocking colors are being more than ever. The motto is: the more flour, the better. Fuchsia, orange, turquoise, yellow and bright green carried the lead followed by lilac. Teams are used in monochrome or in combination with each other. At the time of mixing, any combination is valid: yellow with fuchsia, turquoise with fuchsia. The more adventurous can take up to three colors fluo at once. In dresses, pants, jackets, minis, shorts and robes threaten to be the great protagonists of the new season. The invasion also comes to accessories: bags, shoes, necklaces, bracelets, scarves and plain patterns, flowers on their heads, glasses and belts. The tip: take it if it takes less than 30 with humor and whether it has more than 30 in moderation, mixed with neutral tones.

Sexy Fashion Model Madhur Bhandarkar

Sexy Fashion Model Madhur Bhandarkar

Sexy fashion model Madhur Bhandarkar. The hottie made loads of news in her debut in Fashion where she scorched the screen in a hot new bikini avatar.

Finding your perfect colour

And no, it's not what you probably thought of. I think if you are reading this and interested in fashion and style, then you pretty much know what colours suit you. But here is a tip for you. Imagine, you have something in your wardrobe and desperately need to find an item (clothes, shoes, accessories or even a nail polish or lipstick - you name it) in a matching shade. Well, of course, in an ideal world you will have this "something" with you in a shop to compare. But what if you cannot physically take it with you, say, it's a pair of summer sandals and you decide to shop during winter sales? It's not so nice to carry a bulky sandal in a bag all over the place, is it? All you have to do is to have a set of colour swatches available in any DIY or pain shop. Pick as many as you like, create a fan looking palette and keep it in a draw. Next time you go shopping, compare those shades to find the one that matches your clothes or bag etc. and use it in a shop. Voilà!

Fashionable google

Sometimes I can be slightly delayed with my fashion discoveries. I guess, there are plenty of people out there who already know about a new google garget that I just found, purely by chance. Well, you all know about google and probably, even about igoogle, which is more personalised, right? Today I went to igoogle to add a couple of new bits to the page and noticed a new (to me) "get artist themes" option (top right corner). If you use it, you can not only make your screen look beautiful - you can add a fashionable touch to it because those "themes" include works by Diane Von Furstenberg, Oscar de la Renta, Michael Kors, Burberry, Gucci, Dolce&Gabbana, Sergio Rossi and Max Azria, to name a few. I've tried to apply DVF and Michael Kors, then switched to Burberry (gorgeous for anyone who loves shoes), but at the end chose BCBG Max Azria for its soft muted tones and calmness. So it's a little gorgeous simple thing you can get and it won't even cost you a penny! Can you tell how excited I am?...

2009 Spring Short Length Hairstyles For Men

2009 Spring Short length hair styles for men can be various styles. But no matter what style is, it can be that great, if you try. Choose one of your favorite hairstyle for your next hairstyle.

2009 Spring Short Length Hairstyles for Men
 Medium Length Hairstyles for Men2009 Spring Short Length Hairstyles for Men
Men's medium length hairstyle

Spring temptations

And here I am again. With a cup of mint tea and a new copy of Red Direct catalogue I've got in the post yesterday. I must admit, I am not the first one if a cue when it comes to wearing bijoux-type accessories, but sometimes things look so beautiful I can be tempted. Just like this time. A few pieces really caught my attention and I feel that I keep thinking about them, which is not a good sign as it usually means that sooner or later one of those cuties will be mine.

Mirabelle Dot Cuff, £37.00

Magnetic Leather Strap Bracelets, £55.00

Mirabelle Turquoise Ring, £65.oo

Available from www.reddirect.co.uk

2009 Spring Wedding Hairstyles

The best looks to wear for spring wedding hairstyles. Getting married in the spring is so wonderful. One of the best spring wedding looks is using flowers in your hair. Also think of braids, flirty ponytails and twists for a chic spring feel. Look below for more great styles worn by celebrities that would make great spring wedding looks.

2009 Spring Wedding Hairstyles Fashion

2009 Spring Wedding Hairstyles
2009 Spring Wedding Hairstyles

2009 Spring Wedding Hairstyles