How to Style a Loose Curls Updo

Loose curls are a popular style with many women that are trying to find a style for a formal event. Through the use of the hairstyles that can be created with loose curls, you can have the hair in a loose Updo, or even leave the hair down. Although loose curls left down can look great, we are going to talk about how to style a loose curl Updo to create the maximum effect from your hairstyle.

First, it is important to create the appearance of the loose curls within the hairstyle. This can be done by using a large barrel curling iron, or using curlers within the hair. Using curlers which are heat activated and meant to be used on dry hair is an effective way to create the loose curls which are so popular this season. While using a large barrel curling iron, wrap the hair around the curling iron to create curls, rather than using the curling iron in the traditional manner. Through this method, you can create loose curls which look great in the hair. After the curls have been created, use a very small amount of finishing spray (you want to avoid crunchy appearing curls which can occur when using too much spray). Remember, the curls should not be further than one inch from the scalp to create a natural flow of curls and body through the hairstyle.

After the curls have been styled in the hair, throughout the entire head, it is time to start creating the appearance of the Updo within the hairstyle. Throughout the hairstyle, you can create the half up and down style which is most popular by beginning with strands located in the front of the head, in front of the ears and pulling back these strands of hair, within the style until you have pulled back all the strands from the top of the head, through the front of the style.


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