How to Use Hair Extensions

How to Use Hair Extensions  pictures
There are many ways that hair extensions can be used through the hair to increase the length and the volume, even temporarily to increase the hair that is required to complete a certain hairstyle or updo.

There are many types of hair extensions and the type that is chosen will determine how the hair extensions are to be used. Here are some of the common types of hair extensions and how these hair extensions can be used to create the styles that you desire.

Temporary hair extensions can be used to clip in or clip on to the hair. These types of hair extensions are available in synthetic or human hair and are a great way to add temporary volume while trying to achieve a certain hairstyle. Simply separate the hair and part underneath to clip in the hair extension to the hair with the use of a small clip that the extensions come with. It can helpful to back comb the small portion of the hair to ensure that the clip remains secure within the hair, this can help to create extra grip for the clip, reducing the chances of the clip becoming detached.

Other hair extensions are more permanent and are sewn into or glued into the underside of the hair to add volume and length to certain styles. These are adhered to the hair by hairstylists, rather than clip on hair extensions which can be used at home.


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