Using Ken Paves Hair Extensions

Ken Paves is well known as a stylist to the stars and a confidante to Jessica Simpson. Ken Paves found his inspiration in Jessica Simpson and has created a line of affordable and fashionable, as well as top quality clip in hair extensions that can be used to transform your hair, adding length and volume where you need it most!

There are two choices that are available when choosing Ken Paves hair extensions, synthetic or 100% natural hair. Unlike many other brands which use low quality synthetic fibers, Ken Paves has used the highest quality supplies to create hair extensions that look and feel real, at a fraction of the price of other real human hair extensions.

Are you looking for a way to give yourself some volume or some length for an everyday look or perhaps a night out on the town? This is a great way to ensure that you are the center of attention and are able to create the looks that you desire. Through the use of these simple to use hair extensions that clip right into your natural hairline, you can achieve this look with a few minutes, a fraction of the cost and can remove them at the end of the night.


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