Winter Dresses

Winter DressesYou could even probably wear this into spring, especially in the ivory and navy colors. I like the combination of two winter classics-- the henley neckline and ribbed fabric--with the hints of skin through the three-quarter sleeves and open neckline. This Stretch cotton rib henley sweaterdress, $48, ensures that your curves don't get lost in the coziness. Victoria's Secret can always be counted on to add sex appeal to even the most modest-seeming dresses.

Winter dresses are here to save you from dumpiness and seasonal affective disorder!. But that doesn't mean you need to spend the next four months in long underwear and corduroy pants (although I promise not to judge you if you use cold weather as an excuse not to shave your legs for months at a time). Winter is tougher; there are layers, and coats, and wind chill. Those of us who are committed dress wearers blossom like flowers during the summer: wake up each morning, throw on a frock and some sandals, and spend the whole day feeling easy, breezy beautiful.


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