Dogs in Vogue

"The next best thing to having the world at your feet is to have a dog at your heels"
Vogue 1930

As many of you know I love dogs and am a proud and happy owner of a little treasure called Oscar, my cocker spaniel. Another more than obvious fact is that I have a keen interest in fashion. That is why I was over the moon when I heard about a new book called "Dogs in Vogue: a century in canine chic" that will be released on 8 October 2009. And as the name suggests it is all about fashion, glamour and of course, dogs that made numerous fashion editorials even more beautiful. To celebrate such an important (at least, for me) event I decided to create yet another pets & co. post to share some of my most favourite photos from numerous Vogue editorials. A tiny warning: I am addicted to dogs (particularly, cockers, poodles and dobermans) AND beautiful photos, so the quantity may be overwhelming for some ;) I wonder if any of these made it to the book...

Vogue Paris 1990

Vogue Italy June 2008

Vogue US 2009

Vogue US September 2005

Vogue US October 2008

Vogue US May 2002

Vogue US March 1987

Vogue US June 2005

Vogue US July 2009

Vogue US February 2009

Vogue US April 1990

Vogue US 2008

Vogue US 2002

Vogue US 1992

Vogue UK March 1990

Vogue Paris September 2009

Vogue Nippon August 2009
Vogue Italy September 2005

Vogue Italy March 2008

Vogue Italy 2009

Vogue Greece February 2004

Vogue Spain December 2004

Vogue US September 2007

Vogue Italy 1991

Teen Vogue US September 2009


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