New York fashion week: the most wonderful of them all

After a week of excitement and daily visits to, looking, watching, searching, mentally trying things on and falling in love I gave my heart and soul (and frankly, would happily give my body, too) to Donna Karan's gorgeousness. Of course, there were many other beautiful collections, but I only have one heart.

The collection was dreamy. The colours reminded me of the autumn skies and sea just as you see it in England, corals and pastel dewy morning sunrise. The hats designed by Mr. Jones, looked like clouds (wouldn't be wonderful to wear a cloud on your head!). The dresses looked weightless and their beautiful folds softly wrapped around the body to create a feminine silhouette. To me, it was a perfect example of endlessly stunning simplicity that would never look out of place, not now, not in a million light years... never.

I would also like to mention that these hats were created by my dearest wonderful Anya who is currently doing an apprenticeship with Mr. Jones in London. She is so talented, every time I see her works I am left speechless and proud. I miss you terribly, moya horoshaya.

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