Cute Short Hairstyles


Styling story by Ramar Wolfenstein for

Checking up her beauty in the mirror Miranda wondered if she could help her mother to look younger and fresher by donating her a gift certificate for a beauty salon where the mother could recreate herself with one of the cute, short hairstyles for women who look admirably well hairdressed.

Highly motivated Miranda hoped to convert her mother to one of the edgy, stylish, trendy girls with short hairstyles. The wishful thinking daughter formed a plan to persuade her mother by alluring her maternal interest with newest, latest, modern photos of cute hairstyles and short hair pictures that Miranda collected from several beauty style magazines like

Peacefully clueless mother was chatting with a girlfriend as Miranda surprised her with the newest, latest, fresh pictures of short hair styles for hip, urban and Indy girls. The astonished mother could not guess why she was exposed to the cute, short haircuts for girls that Miranda presented to her with a grinning smile.

Stopping to grin Miranda expressed her wish to have a trendy mother like other daughters of awesome parents with cool looking, funky, cute hair styles that would make Miranda even more popular among teenage boys and girls in her art school degree earning faculty where she spend most of her time to teach trendy people.

Sympathizingly loving mother argued to feel really comfortable with her current, long and layered haircut. Turning into the fast forward mood Miranda counterpointed that women are more respected and confident, if they manage to find their own short, cute hairstyles for short hair which looks simple, easy and formal.

Accepting mother of Miranda agreed to change her look, if Miranda accepts to recreate herself with the same beauty booster of cute, short hair cuts for women that the mother chooses among the beautiful faces in Miranda's cute, short hair pictures.

Turning red Miranda was trapped in her own trap. Unable to admit her own defeat Miranda unwillingly agreed to her mother's counter-proposal. She chose the most suitable, convenient and stylish hairstyle from the pictures of beautiful smiling model faces and booked a certified hairstylist to hairdress herself and her mother with the cute, short cuts of hair that make Miranda and her mother to look as a couple of happy identical twins.


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