I miss you, guys...

My darlings

I missed you. A LOT. But things haven't been great here recently, so I had to be away from my computer. The truth is... Last weekend, when everything seemed to be going so well and promising, I got into a stupid silly and totally out of place or time accident. I fell down the stairs in a cottage we rented and ended up with a concussion. Falling down the stairs has always been one of my biggest fears and well, it happened to me when I least expected. Thank God I didn't break anything. I am still in one piece and as you may guess I am getting back on track now.

It was sooooooooooo nice to read your messages!!! I've been feeling pretty low after what happened and seeing new followers and receiving your messages made me feel tons better! Thank you, guys, for being our there. I love you and will be back on Thursday and promise to post regularly again.

Always yours,


Photo source: Vogue Paris 2008


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