Chanel Haute Couture Fall 2009

Chanel. Beautiful, timeless, elegant and unique. Yet another gorgeous collection from Mr. Lagerfeld. Perhaps, this is my unfashionable imagination, but don't you feel as if you are in a time machine going from era to era and from one country to another and the looks change? To me, there are certain influences from Imperial Russia, ancient Greece, French "Directorie" and modern Parisian chic.

You can see all the 65 beautiful looks here. As for my favourites, the dreamy ones. I adore the cream dress with plissé details, bows and ribbons worn by Sasha P. and the dark lavender gown worn by Nastasia Ohl. I just love everything about it, the way she posed on that photo, the softness of fabric, the delicate movement, the tiny sparkles and the lace.
Oh, Mr. Lagerfeld, you are a genius!

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