Sienna Miller for Boss Orange: simply adorable. Also - AWARDS! :)

I simply love this advert. It came out a few weeks ago and I think Sienna is just perfect for it. It's sexy, it's fresh, it's fun and it's simply adorable. Every time I watch it the ad makes me smile.

Today I would also like to award some wonderful girls who supported and inspired me here. Just as a way to say "Thank you". Since I like creating my own little awards, I've made a few and hope that you like them.
So without further ado....

Style Inspiration Blog Award goes to...

Crystal @ Plush Palate
Evi @ Absolutely Ladylike
Ana @ Absolutely Fabulous
Tina @ Luphia Loves

Hanh @ Life In Travel
Carrie @ Couture Carrie
Marta @ With Love...
Boubou @ Boubou teatime
Ela @ Extra Dressing on the side

Irresistible blog award was inspired by, created for and goes to...

Mademoiselle Frou Frou @ Frou Frou Fashionista

Stylish Blogger award goes to...

ALL MY DEAREST READERS! Darlings, I tag everyone. Thanks for being out there for me and taking your time to visit FashionTitbits. You truly deserve this award. If you choose to accept it, please write about 10 things (clothes, accessories, perfume, anything around you) that help you create your own unique style and then tag 5 other blogs of your choice, so they can do the same. Let me know when you do it because I'd love to learn more about you.





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