Round Face Shape Hairstyles for Long Hair

Long Hairstyle Ideas presents Round Face Shape Hairstyles for Long Hair

Long hairstyles
are generally recommended for round face as they help to naturally lengthen the face shape. The key to make your face look sleek is to avoid adding more volume around cheeks. It is good to keep long locks narrow and sleek until they actually pass the person’s chin for a smooth style. Also, the offset side fringes are great way to incorporate the long hair to help make the round face look slenderized. Even the highlights framing a round face can break up and make a narrow appearance.

Round Face Shape Hairstyles for Long Hair

Short hair also goes well with the round faces. One can add hair volume at top through various layers or the heightened bangs. This can help to elongate the shape of the face. For a round shaped face, the medium length hairstyles are a strict no no. The hairstyles that need to be avoided at all cost for a face with round shape includes heavy, chunky bangs, curls on the very side of the cheeks, bob cuts and blunt ends that finishes near cheeks.


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