Holiday Party Ideas

Holiday Party Ideas|Holiday Party Ideas - 5 Fun Activities|holiday party decoration

The next time your family gets together for the next big holiday think about doing these five fun holiday ideas. Obtain one quilting square for each guest. Supply fabric markers, ribbon, thread, needles, buttons and whatever else you can think of to decorate the square with. Each person decorates their own square and writes their name on it. Sew the squares together and make them into a quilt. The next time the family comes over to your house, they can get a chance to see what it looks like and you'll have an heirloom to last for a long time.

Another fun idea would be to make a scrapbook of that holiday. Make sure someone is going to bring a Polaroid camera. Each person gets one page of the book. Use different colored paper, makers, stickers and anything else for scrap booking so guests can decorate their page. The photos are placed on the page along with the person's name and a brief synopsis of what they're doing.

Now here is an interesting idea to get together and burn away old disappointments, regrets or grudges by writing them down on a piece of paper and throwing them into a fire. This helps guests to put old problems behind them and continue with a fresh and renewed spirit.

This fun holiday idea is to get friends and family together for a holiday decorating party. Instead of dragging out boxes from the attic and decorating your home in holiday spirit all by yourself, recruit helpers. Serve appetizers play holiday, music and start this year's holiday with a little extra help.


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