Sexy Holiday Maternity Dresses

Sexy Holiday Maternity Dresses
Sexy Holiday Maternity Dresses
Sexy Holiday Maternity Dresses
Sexy Holiday Maternity DressesBy:Amy Jarman, SITE

October is already underway and Holiday Season is fast approaching with Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner. For many of us who are expecting, the holidays means finding a holiday dress for a number of social occasions. In addition to family and friend get togethers, many of us also have holiday office parties to attend which may require a more formal dress. So, whether your maternity dress needs are casual, slightly upscale or formal, now is the time to start looking before it is too late! Here are few suggestions in your quest for the perfect maternity dress for the holidays:

Unless you are shopping for a full out formal affair, it is easy to find a maternity dress that is super versatile for not only Thanksgiving and Christmas parties for other outings as well. The wrap maternity dress style is the perfect bridge from a nice dinner out to holiday party. Solids are a good choice in shopping for a maternity dress you plan to wear more than once as it is not quite as memorable as a print - especially if you might run into the same people on more than one occasion. Burgundy is a popular color out this holiday season and definitely suits the occasion from Thanksgiving to Christmas to even a classic office dress or nice day-wear outfit. Wrap dresses are one of the best body styles on the market for expecting women as they are so easy to wear, flattering to many body types and adjustable to your changing shape. Both Japanese Weekend and Maternal America (check out their Front Tie Keyhole Maternity Dress) have some super wrap and sash tie dresses out this season in burgundy, ruby and black.

If patterns are more your style, look for a print that does not say "holiday" all over it but can be worn throughout the season for a variety of venues. The Maternal America Beaded Safari Dress is based upon their bestselling style from last Fall/Winter which was a hit during the holidays. This year's style is a one of a kind earth print with a beautiful blend of safari earthy colors brought together in the front with attractive ruching with a centerpiece of chunky beading in earth colors. This dress can be worn for a formal occasion or a dinner out with friends. The colors are great for Fall, Winter, and even Spring with ¾ sleeves and light stretchy fabric. The Safari dress stretchy front ruching style plays up your curves and shows off all the best about your ever changing maternity shape.

If you have a truly dressy occasion to attend then your best option is maternity formal wear. Black is always a great choice and of course slimming and sexy for all body types and skin tones. There are a variety of styles that work very well in maternity formal dresses. Showing a little skin up top in either the sleeveless bodice or tube dress is always flattering. If you feel more comfortable with straps you can opt for a sleeveless or strappy dress to show a little shoulder or a deep V neck variety with short sleeves to show off your enhanced cleavage!

This season the full length formal dresses are very much in style on the red carpet and always a flattering and easy to fit style for expecting women. Particularly if you are further along in your pregnancy, a full length maternity gown gives some balance to a large blooming belly so the eye sees you in your entire dress from head to toe and your belly is not the sole target focus of everyone's attention. Olian Maternity has a number of beautiful and classic full length formal styles in formal dresses including the Kora Maternity Evening Dress, which is a pretty black sleeveless style, and an elegant Black Sash Evening Dress in Black with a contrasting cream Sash and neckline accent.

If you opt to show off a little leg, then a black cocktail maternity dress style is always a great bet for the Holidays and any formal or dressy occasion. Olian Maternity has a number of great styles for choose from in sexy black cocktail dresses including the Beaded Neck Cocktail Dress with a high circle neck style in beautiful beading and elegant draping pleats which hits above the knee. Olian also has a tighter fitting Silk Bodice Dress that is fitted across the bust in a silk satin finish and bra friendly. Both of these cocktail maternity dresses are sexy, classic and stunning, particularly if you can still safely pull off a black heel to complete the look!

Some great choices for other sleeveless varieties in the burgundy-maroon color family for above the knee dresses include Maternal America's Tulle Dress. This was another style which was a bestseller last holiday season in an espresso color and has returned this year in a stunning maroon color as well as a black variety. This dress has a pleated Grecian feel with a V neck leather empire waist accent that hits above the belly. The design and cut work well for all stages of your pregnancy and there is plenty of room in the belly and bust with no tenting or excess fabric. For a super buy, check out Theality's Party Dress which is a simple tube style with bra friendly straps and fitted across the bust. This easy to wear and versatile cocktail party dress is available in both burgundy and black solid.

So whether you are looking for full out formal or versatile knee length maternity dresses for the Holidays, your best bet is to shop as early as possible. To get the most wear out of your holiday maternity dress, look for styles with enough belly room and stretch to last you a number of months and colors or prints that can also be worn for other occasions. If it's chilly, just add a wrap and you are good to go!


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